Privacy Policy

Bank's website (here in after the "websi te") is owned by Vojvodjanska Banka a.d. Novi Sad (here in after the "Bank"). The following Terms of Use apply to the access to the Bank' s website and data contained there in:

Terms of Use of Information

All the information available on the Bank' s website is informative and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to t hi rd parties. The information that the Bank publishes on its website is considered accura te and relia ble at the time of thei r uploading. The Bank may update the existing and add new information on its website at any time and without prior notice. The Bank shall strive to constantly update data on its website. It may, however. happen that data undergo a change in t he meantime. For thi s reason, the Bank may not assume responsibility for the use of the inf ormation on its website, because it is only informative. Also. the Bank may not be held responsible for any possible consequences resulting from the diff erent interpretation of the matenal contained on the website. For more information. please contact the Vojvodjanska banka Info Center by calling 0800 23 23 22, or visit ng the nearest Bank' s branch office.

Exclusion of Liability

The user agrees to use the Bank's website on t heir own responsibility, therefore, the Bank sha ll not be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur as the result of the use of the website or services. the server and software that make its integral part. Accordingly, the Bank will not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequentia l damage, or generally for any other damage that may result from the use of the website and its contents, or in case of its unavailability.


The content of this website is legally protected and an exclusive copyright that belongs to the owner, i.e. the Bank. The owner of the website is entitled to all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in terms of the content. editing, concept and design. Trademarks, logos, individual names and other similar intellectual property are owned by the owner or third parties. Farlure to comply with the binding condrtions of use is subject to the application of appropriate regulations. Unauthorised replication, reproduction, public display or drstribution of the website content, in any manner, is prohibited.

Change of the Privacy Policy

The website owner reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice. Any change to the Privacy Policy will be published in a timely manner. All users will be timely rnformed about all the important changes and modifications through website publicatron.

Collection and Protection of User Data

The Bank shall protect the privacy of each user in accordance with regulations. The Bank's website has an optron to collect users' personal data (first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address). The data are submitted by the user exclusively on a voluntary basrs, in a form, by which they give consent that the data may be used for contacting, statistical analysis of visits to the Bank's website, scheduling meetings with Bank's employees, or subsequent submission of information about an offer or special promotional activitres. By usrng Bank's websrte, the user confirms that they are familiar with the method of collection of personal data in accordance with the law, and that they approve therr (electronical and physical) processing. The Bank keeps and processes all the data using the latest data protection measures, in accordance wrth the law and rnternal Bank's regulations. Potentral data users are companies which the Bank hires for providing services to clients, and with whom it concludes confidentiality agreements.

Every user may, at any time, revoke their granted consent by submitting a written notification to the Bank and they may also exercise all legal rights in case they cons1der that data were processed in an unauthonsed manner (right to Information, access to data, etc.)


By using the Bank's webs1te, the user accepts the use of HTML-cookies which shall be installed on the user's computer and are text files that, during a visit to the Bank's website, send back information about the webs1tes from wh1ch the User came to the Bank's website, as well as the User's path through the Bank's website. Th1s information helps the Bank to better know its website users for the purpose of improving the search and its functionality. The user may disable cook1es by activating settmgs on their browser, which allow the setup of all or some cookies. The user may fmd more mformat1on on managing cookies on the following links: https:/ / answer/95647 ?hl=sr and tl/ srpI o lieies/technologi es/cookies/. Pages on use Google Analytics statistics. The user may find rules on third-party cookies on Google Analytlcs. The data on how users use the Bank's website may occasionally be collected by using other tools that are sim1lar to Google Analyt1cs (e.g. Google Tag Manager, etc). For more 1nformat1on on Google Analytics visit: https://develope m/ an a lytics/devgu1 des /collection/analyticsjs Pages on use the marketing automation system. System cook1es are used for the monitormg of an individual website visitor. They allow the Bank to better understand the behaviour of website visitors by using web analytics.

Terms of Use of Material Re-advertising and Re­ marketing on the Internet (Google AdWords Re­ marketing)

Leased forms of advertising on the Bank's website enable repeated display (direct or by activating the leased form) of 1ts product characteristiCS to the visitors of the listed pages. Th1s type of advert1smg may be done on the entire Internet network without limitations to the initial purpose of the website, 1ts origin, activity or outlook.
Re-advertising would be used in situations in which the new content would be presented exclusively to the visitors who have already accessed the pages wtth advertisements, i.e. to the visitors to whom the initial message was already presented.
The Bank uses multiple distribution advertising channels and advertising messages in Internet advertising. An ad message is displayed on web pages throughout the Internet, 1n the manner that interested portals and/or websites allow advertising networks to set up advertising blocks through which ad networks (including Google) place their ads. The display of ads depends on the content presented on the pages where ad blocks appear.
Since advertising is intended solely for persons with pre-defined characteristics, who are familiar With materials/products/services being re­ advertised/marketed, confirmation of the existing knowledge of the subject of re-advertising is the existence of a particular cookie whose presence in a browser activates there-advertising process.
If any person, who is a visitor to the web pages which may lead with its content to the activation of there-advertising process. does not want to use cookies in the above-mentioned manner, their use may be disabled by activating settings in their browser, which shall enable the user to set up all or some cookies. For more information on Google AdWords re­ marketing visit https:/ / adwordspolicyI answer/ 6008942?hl=en&ref_topic=1626336, and for more information on Facebook re-targeting visit https://www. faceboo po lt cies/ cookies/. The Bank reserves the right to modify Terms of Use at any time. Terms of Use enter into force on the day of their publication on Bank's website The Bank's website and Terms of Use are made in accordance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbta. All posstble disputes resulting from the use of the Bank's website or Terms of Use will be resolved with the application of the relevant regulations of the Republic of Serbia.