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Current account overdraft

Small business /Current account overdraft

If a gap between your inflow and outflow of funds is something that you have to deal with on an everyday basis, then a current account overdraft is the solution for you. While you are waiting on the inflow of funds originating from your customers, by using overdraft you can pay your supplier, VAT and other expenses, thus preserving the adequate liquidity.

Product features

  • Loan amount: up to EUR 50.000 * in RSD equivalent value
  • Currency: RSD
  • Interest rate: 21% annual, fixed
  • Tenor: 12 months
  • Fee for request processing: up to 0,5% of the loan, one-off

*The amount of the loan depends on the creditworthiness of the client and offered security instruments


Business cards

We have many years of experience working with payment cards. Business cards are related to RSD current accounts of legal entities. Details


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