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OCS and Vojvođanska banka

  • The fifth Olympic cycle in row with our Olympians
  • Official Bank of the Serbian Olympic Team

Vojvođanska banka is a socially responsible company which in daily work, but also through its contribution to society supports the essential principles of Olympism - excellence, respect, openness and sustainability. Led by desire to be good member of the community in which we operate, we decided that our donor work actively be turned supporting sport and sport values. Since 2004 we have provided support to Olympic Committee of Serbia, and we may say that we have been sponsoring the top sport in Serbia for over a decade. We provide support to our athletes at the Summer Games in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016. This confirms our commitment to supports the Serbian team on the road to excellent results. Our aim as partner of OCS is to provide our athletes the best possible conditions for the preparation and performances in competitions in the Olympic cycle 2017-2020, and at the highlight of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Besides Athens, Beijing, London and Rio so far we have been on first European Olympic Games in Baku 2015, with our Olympic and winter Games in Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010 and Sochi in 2014 and Piongchang 2018, as well as the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010, Nanjing in 2014. and the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck 2012 . As the official bank of Serbian Olympic Team, we created unique payment cards VISA Olympic and VISA Gold Olympic card. From each transaction made by these "olympic cards", the Bank set aside funds to support our Olympic athletes in achieving top results, without additional cost for clients. By using these cards, client becomes an active participant in the creation of the Serbian Olympic family which promotes sport values of our country. Besides providing support to Olympic Team without additional expenses for clients, users of VISA Olympic card, can achieve additional discounts and benefits.


Throughout many years of cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Serbia we provide to children throughout Serbia to meet with our most successful athletes and learn what it means to lead healthy lifestyle and the team spirit. Starting since 2009., we enabled to pupils of primary schools around the country to compete in knowledge about sport, environmental protection and compete in different sport activities at manifestation such as EkOlympic, Olympic caravan, Olympic festival, Olympic hanging out, Olympic torch, while in the Olympic (2016) year we organized manifestations under the name Olympic Carnival with desire to bring to the kids the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, which is famous for the carnival and which was the host of the Olympic Games that year. Our support for the sport is awarded. The integrated campaign, "Countdown", that Vojvođanska banka created in order to support Serbian Olympic team in winning four medals in London, has been awarded as the most successful sports promotion from Serbia, winning third place in the prestigious regional competition "Sporto" in Portorož, while in 2016 campaign "We are Team! Olympic card Rio 2016" won the third place in sponsorship category among representatives from other countries and SPORTO award for the best sponsorship project in Serbia which is also nominated in European Sponsorship Association in category "The best from Europe" (2016 ESA Excellence Awards). The successes of our athletes are especially great recognition for Vojvođanska banka, but also an incentive to continue to invest in the real value of top young athletes.