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Mobile Banking

 i-bank /Mobile Banking

M-bank is a mobile banking service provided by Vojvođanska banka and now available to users of Android and iOS mobile phones.

You can download the m-bank app from Google Play Store (clients with Android phones) and Apple Store (clients that have iPhones).

  • Overview of current account balance and transactions
  • Cards (overview of transactions, balance, card status)
  • Paying your bills and obligations
  • Making payments to accounts in Vojvođanska banka and other banks
  • Quick and easy payments from templates
  • Easy contact with the bank
  • Overview of locations
  • Overview of exchange rates

SMS service

To our clients we enabled checking balance on their RSD current account, via mobile phone, precisely, via SMS message.Details



Useful Information

Preconditions for using the mobile banking service

  • Current account in Vojvođanska banka,
  • Registering for i-bank services,
  • Smartphone with the Internet access (Android or iPhone)

How to activate the service?

  • Visit any branch of Vojvođanska banka and apply,
  • You will receive a registration ID at your email address (first part of the key),
  • You will receive an activation code on your mobile phone via SMS (second part of the key),
  • Download the app and create m-pin which you will use to access the app

When first starting the app you will be requested to enter the registration ID (first part of the key) and the activation code (second part of the key) which you received via email and SMS and are now using to create the m-pin that only you will know and use to access the app.

If you have not received any of the parameters mentioned you can call 021 4895 225 or 021 48 95 231. These two codes will be active for no more than 5 days. Once used, registration ID/activation code cannot be used again.


The use of m-bank app of Vojvođanska banka is absolutely safe. Access to all financial data and features of the app is enabled through m-pin known only to the user. The user creates the m-pin with one-off set of keys by using Gemalto OTP token. PIN is locked after five consecutive unsuccessful entries, allowing for additional security against unwanted access.

Fees for using the service

No monthly fee is charged to users of i-bank service.