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A loan product is designed based on specific requests, your possibilities and specific needs. We monitor the progress of your business venture and improve our offer. You have at your disposal short-term and long-term RSD loans where FX clause is applied or FX loans for the following purposes:

  • Working capital loans
  • RSD loan for financing employee gross salaries
  • Current account overdrafts
  • Long-term loans
  • Revolving credit lines
  • Multi-purpose credit lines
  • Discount of bills of exchange
  • Loro letter of credit discounting
  • Other loan products

Guarantees, Letters of Credit and other forms of surety

Successful business of our clients is always our priority. At the same time we feel it is very important that your business operations are safe and all potential problems foreseeable.

As a result of good business relationship that we have established with our clients and mutual trust that we cherish, we are able to use our credibility, reputation and significance built in domestic market and abroad to offer our clients the following sureties:

  • Nostro Guarantees – customs, for seriousness of offer (for participation public biddings), for a refund, for timely repayment of a loan, for good performance as well as other types of RSD and FX guarantees
  • Guarantee Certificates
  • Nostro Letters of Credit – enable payment of obligations to foreign countries
  • Avals on bills of exchange
  • Biding Letter of Intent
  • Other sureties