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Electronic banking

Small business /Electronic banking

Clients of Vojvođanska banka have two e-banking services at their disposal depending on the size of client’s business, the number of payment orders submitted and personal preference to the solution.

For entrepreneurs and small legal entities that primarily carry out domestic payment operations through their accounts in Vojvođanska banka we would recommend using the SBB web based solution of e-banking which can be accessed from any place and with any browser by simply entering username and password, and has the following features:

  • possibility to submit payment order in electronic form in domestic payment system
  • possibility of entering a future value date on the payment order
  • overview and insight into balance and turnover of each RSD account in Vojvođanska banka
  • downloading RSD account statements

To clients that have accounts in several banks and carry out their payment operations in domestic and international payment system, with significant number of payment orders a month, we would suggest our VobEbank solution.

VobEbank offers you the flowing services

  • possibility of carrying out domestic and FX payment operations electronically;
  • collection of inflow to the account of the Bank’s client;
  • possibility of payments in foreign currency in the country, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations;
  • overview and insight into the balance and turnover of each account;
  • downloading account statements;
  • overview of loro remittances, notifications and schedule of inflows from abroad;
  • exchange rates with option to choose date and download;
  • selling foreign currencies to the Bank online – purchase of foreign currency;
  • possibility of payment order with future value date;
  • possibility of payment operations with all the banks in which clients have accounts (banks using Halcom app) with just one smart card;
  • possibility of connecting with client’s own payment system.

Advantages of both e-banking solutions

  • better tariffs,
  • extended time for receiving payment orders,
  • simple to use,
  • reduction in the volume of customer’s paperwork,
  • rational use of time,
  • speed, quality and security in performing payment operations,

Useful information

Required documentation

In order to use VobEbank service you need to have an active account with the Bank and submit the following documents:

  • Application for using e-banking service and if you also need a card for Vob E-bank solution
  • General order form – CA1*
  • Application for issuing a digital certificate of authorized person – CA2*

After providing required documents, if the client is not registered at the Bank as user of e-banking services, the Bank signs an agreement with the client.


E-banking Unit


telephone: 021 4895 225/231/233