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Frame line for guarantees

Small business /Frame line for guarantees

Frame line for guarantees is intended to all clients whose business needs during the year require products of documentary business (guarantees and letters of intent).

Product features

  • Frame line amount: up to EUR 100,000* in RSD equivalent value
  • Currency: RSD, RSD indexed in EUR and EUR
  • Tenor:
    - up to 12 months for unsecured frame line
    - up to 60 months for cash-covered frame line
  • Fee for request processing:
    - 2% of the loan, one-off for unsecured frame line
    - 1% of the loan, one-off for cash-covered frame line

* The amount of the frame line depends on the creditworthiness of the client and offered security instruments


Business cards

We have many years of experience working with payment cards. Business cards are related to RSD current accounts of legal entities. Details


Useful information

Security instruments