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Brokerage and

financial advising services

We carry out operations of an investment company and have a rich experience in providing mediation services in trading with financial instruments. We are one of the first members of Belgrade Stock Exchange and Central Securities Depository and Clearing House. The Bank is also a member of the Investor Protection Fund since 2012.

Since trading with financial instruments can only be done through authorized capital market participants, we offer a complete service of mediation when buying and selling financial instruments in country and abroad.

We enable trading in regulated and OTC market:

  • With financial instruments quoted on domestic stock exchange market
  • With financial instruments quoted on foreign stock exchange markets
  • With financial instruments issued by the Republic of Serbia
  • With shares in the process of bidding for joint stock company takeover
  • With shares in the process of bidding for acquiring/selling own shares of the company
  • And other financial instruments in a manner defined by the law

Commissions and fees for services provided by the investment company are charged in accordance with the Tariff Rulebook, while the fee of market organizers, Central Registry and other third parties are charged in accordance with the applicable tariffs of these institutions.

We would like to ask our clients categorized as small clients to pay special attention to information provided to small clients.

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